Regrets – another artist gone

TOM PRASADA-RAO, a musician’s musician, passed away on June 19, 2024.

It is with sad news from the NYT that we let you know that Tom passed away on June 19, 2024. We’ve now lost 2 performers that graced our stage, made an impact on the very wide range of performers and music lovers, Tom and Phil Wiggins. They will both be sorely missed, and the Carroll Cafe team is very grateful that we were blessed by both musicians gracing our stage. The chance to perform locally, in an intimate venue, allowed them do what they loved close to home, with many friends in the audience.

Thank you and see you next Season

Thank you all for the successful 2023-24 season.

See you in October!


Glen, Sandra, Margreta, Denise, and Doug

Carroll Café has made some changes. Our concert schedule will include 3 concerts per season, in October, January, and April. Additionally, the kitchen will not be open. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks (non-alcoholic) in your own containers which we ask you to take home with you.

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